Monday, June 30, 2008

Mission Calls

A friend of mine recently got her mission call to Tokyo Japan. They filmed her opening her call and then posted it on As I was searching for this on, I found tons of other videos of people opening thier calls. I loved watching these! I must of watched these for atleast a half hour. Here are my favorite two. (I tried to just upload these video so you could watch them on my profile but I can't figure it out, so sorry you have to follow the link.)

**The first is kind of long so I would just watch until right after he opens the call and starts to cry.

I love this video for so many reasons.

1.) I love the brother on this bluetooth trying to locate the dad for the opening of the call.
2.) I love how the brother turns on the music, which I think aids the spirit so much.
3.) I love how the prospective elder cries when as he reads the call.
4.) I love how there are so many people there to share the experience.

**This video is hilarious!. The family is eating dinner as the prospective elder opens his call. It is only a minute or so long.

Here are the things I think are so funny.

1.) The family is nonchalantly eating dinner while he opens his call.
2.) The brother in the background is not even phased as his brother opens his call. When he announces where he is called the brother does not even look up! He just keeps eating as nothing special has happened! I just could not believe it.
3.) The mom! She does not even stop eating to celebrate the call!

This last video was just so far from my experience. When I opened my call and saw I was going to Italy everyone in the room started screaming. We celebrated for the whole night. There was tons of laughter, smiles, and dancing. I was so beyond excited and so was my family! Thanks family!


hoosiercarlene said...

Thanks so much for posting those mission calls. I watched several others as I cried and remembered Ben getting his call. What a special time in the lives of these young men and women as they serve the Lord.

Autumn said...

Oh my gosh that was so fun. I had to watch some myself. I could watch them forever. How fun!!! I am so with you-talk about anti-climatic for the dinner table family. Though the Elder didn't seem to care too much. When you said brother in the background (before reading it) I was picturing a 5 year old. Hello?!!! Applause-screams-anything?! I can't handle the lack of enthusiasm!!!!

You probably saw this too. I was (devilishly) hoping the lady was going to burst into tears on camera. It looked like she was about to but resisted.

Stephy said...

Yeah Autumn, that one was really funny. I especially like the flux in her voice!

Stephanie and Grant McKinley said...

haha I remember you showing these videos at your house during the
4th of July. They are crazy! Ok so I can honestly say that i miss u soooo much!!!! We all need to live closer cuz this is too hard to see each other and have so much fun and then just leave and not see anyone for a while. I hate it. So I am job hunting right now and I hate that too.ahhhh Well come out and visit us all out here in Rexburg! Miss you and love you

Rebekah said...

I just have to say that I'm pretty snotty about mission calls. Everytime someone else opens one, I think "well, that's not as cool as mine." I realize the point of missions and how we're out there to serve, etc. etc., but I cannot help thinking this kind of thing. Also, when people I don't like get called to our mission, I get a little bit upset about it...