Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I have a job!

With the current economic situation in California, it has been more than difficult to secure a decent job. Despite the fact that 212 teachers were cut from this district alone, I was able to secure a job in the school district. I am teaching Kindgarden! Something I never would have ever considered for myself. I was thinking back on my one elementary ed class; one week into the class I knew that Elementary Ed was not for me. I must say that teaching is what I love but I have never been so sure of my Secondary certification. Anyway, the kids are so cute! I really do love interacting with the kids! I am excited to finish out the school year here. More to come....

Monday, March 3, 2008


This is my roomate Mallory. I had so much fun living with her. I was just looking at old pictures and thinking and almost a year has past since I left Ohio. I was thinking about some of my best memories with Mallory. I am just going to make a list of random memories.

Dressing up--either for costumes or for a fancy occasion. The picture above on the left is from Halloween. We dressed up many times for random events either to go somewhere together or seperate. We each had a lot of dates, I loved that time when we were getting ready for the date and the other kept the other company. Getting dressed up for church. Mallory would help me with my hair or accessories. I love those memories.

Walking with Mal--walking to Cheesecake with Mallory. It's a random memory but I had so much fun. Also, one time we were shopping at Easton and she was wearing heels and her stiletto got stuck in between two stones and she competely walked out of her shoe. Maybe I will put excerise here, one time we took a spinning class together at like 6am. We had so much fun.
Taking pictures on her computer--Photobooth provided many hours of fun! It seemed that every one who came over ended up eventually taking pictures on her computer.
Late night talks with Mal--we stayed up really late so many times. We would talk about life and our ward. We had so many life chats. We also could debate many things like politics. We could just pass hours talking.

Texting Mal--I got a text message from Mallory that went like this, "Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz broke up." She broke the news to me, it was a good thing if I had found out any other way who knows how how I would have reacted. I loved it!

Dinners with Mal--Mallory introduced me to the Roasted red pepper soup from Trader Joe's and we loved it. Some days I would be in charge of picking it up and some days she would pick it up for dinner that night. We also wold zip over to Panera Bread alot.

Shopping with Mal-- We would not go shopping alot but when we did we had so much fun. I remember when we went to vintage stores downtown and tried on all these old funky clothes in these funky dressing rooms. We went down to high street on a few occasions and went jeans shopping and candle shopping.

These are just a few memories I have with my fierce friend Mallory. Mallory always had my back and one time when I stupid boy broke my heart. She stood up to this person in my behalf despite it being really uncomfortable for her. Mallory, if you read this I hope you enjoy some of the random memories.