Friday, December 28, 2007


Brooke and I went to the Ellen show! We had so much fun. We had to be there at 12:30 and filmed at 3:30. While we were in line we kept wondering if what we would get. We ran through every possible scenerio. We never expected what we really got. So, after waiting about 2 hours in line they shoved us all through security and we waited outside for a few more hours. After much anticipation we filed into the studio. Music was pumping and everyone was encouraged to dance (ellen loves dancing). The hour of before the show started it was just like a dance club. All we did was dance for an hour straight. Then Ellen poped out and she looked so great. They assign you to your seats and they gave Brooke and I the front row right by her DJ. We thought for sure we would get on TV. Everytime the camera was on us we would get really animated and cheesy in hopes that they would use that piece of footage. (Maybe we over did it as they did not even put us on once). During our wait in line they announced that they have had a hard time geting celebrity guests because of the strike, people do not want to cross the picket line. Ricky Lake was the celebrity guest. During the middle of the show they introduced the giveaways. The theme was Home Entertainment. She gave us a pack of HD DVD, including the Bourne Series. Then she gave us an HD DVD player to play them. After that she gave us a Play Station 3 with two new games. Then she gave us RockBand! (which is by far my favorite gift). Then on top of it she gave us a $400 gift card from Ikea. We had so much fun! After the show Ellen thanked us and told us to sit still. Her assistants came and told us to put our cell phones away and keep our hands free. The presents were all outside waiting for us. They file us outside and they pile on our hands the RockBand, the Play Station 3, the HD DVD player and give us a bag with the DVD's and Ikea gift card. We had so much fun and just going to a taping was worth it but walking away with presents was so much more fun!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I was tagged again

Okay, usually I don't play along with these things. I refuse to add applications on facebook and I am am still not sure how I feel about this tagging thing but I will write six things about me. So, 6 things about myself...

1.) I love Seinfeld. I could watch it all day every day. Often things I see in real life remind me of things from various Seinfeld episodes. Maybe it should be the other way around.

2.) I stand like a flamingo. I rest the side of my foot on the side of my knee. I get this from my mom and I could do it for hours.

3.) I love the Opera. I think mainly now because I speak Italian I can understand them but it is a passion. Even reading Operas now is fun to me.

4.) I am very ticklish.

5.) When I like a song I can't just sing it, I belt it at the top of my lungs no matter where I am.

6.) I love sitting down and leafing through actually devouring mail order catalogs like JCrew, Eddie Bauer, Victorias Secret, Potterybarn, and Urban Outfitters are some of my favorites.

Ellen 12 Days of Giveaways!

Brooke and I got tickets to Ellen's 12 days of giveaways and boy are we excited. I entered us becasue we live close to LA on a whim. I never really truly believed that we would be asked to go to the show. There are about a million people who want to go to this show and I thought our chances were 1 in a million. A couple of weeks passed and we did not hear anything. Then one day Brooke got a phone call from Carlos the head audience coordinator from the Ellen show. He confirmed our tickets and sent us this package with all the info. We go the 19th, we have to check-in at 12:30 and the show films at 3:30. We are so excited! We are excitedly waiting for this wednesday when we head up to LA. We are both really big fans of Ellens. She is so funny. But more than that, it is a 12 day of giveaway! I hope we get a juicer, no a plasma TV, no a computer, no a PS 3, no I really hope we get a car or a house. Itsn't it funny how greedy I got so fast. Make sure to watch on the 20th for me and Brooke on TV!