Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Third Place

There is a theory that says everyone has three main places to frequent: home, work and the third place.

My three places are all very fluid.

1.) Home. My home has changed three times in the last year. Ohio, Italy and California.

2.) Work. My work: Spanish Teacher, Supervisor at Verizon Wireless, Tennis Coach, Panera Bread, Mortgage Broker, Bob Evans, Tour Guide, English Teacher and now Kindergarden teacher.

3.) Third Place. I do have a third place independent of my location.

In Ohio my third place was Panera Bread off sawmill. On saturdays I would go there and order a diet coke and use thier wi-fi for hours at a time. I looked for many jobs at that Panera Bread.

In Italy, I had a few different third places depending on the season. During the summer months, my third place was il mare or the sea. I love the mediterrean sea. I would go to the sea at 7:00am for a morning swim. I would go back at 1:30pm, after lunch, until 7:00pm. The mediterrean sea may be as of this day, my biggest love (Certainly, the most faithful!). Then in the winter months, I took retreat into Angelo's bar. He would give me free hot milk in a glass with a free pastry everyday. (This must be how I gained 20 lbs during my time in Italy). I would read the La Repubblica every day. Then talk to the strangers who came in. There were so many ''regulars'' such as myself. Giacomo, Franco and Giovanni. These men were well over 55 years old. I had the best discussions with these guys. After about a month, I too was a regular. We talked about everything under the sun: politics, religion, the health of the pope and most importantly the men in my life (men because it was plural at the time).

In California, I can't decide where my third place would be. It is debatable. It could be any of the following: our heated pool, the internet, reading books, or hopefully soon with summer coming, the beach.

I have been looking back at the last year and realized that nothing in my life would be considered stable. I am craving stability the last six months. I am proud to say that I am taking major steps toward that. I am starting my masters program in the fall. I have decided to enroll with the University of Maryland (pending my acceptance). My first year and a half will be online. Then my last six months will be on campus. I am getting a Masters in Human Resources! I am so excited for this. I feel it will provide me with the stability I want and need. Plus, I think I am a great people person and love to work an office environment. I am now trying to determine where my home will be. I have narrowed it down to either NYC or DC. I am gong to visit both this summer to aid my decision process. As far as work goes, for the next two years that will only be determined by my location until I finish my masters.