Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grant's wedding

Grant and Stephanie

My Dad and brother


The Funky Bunch said...

Oh they are SO cute. The dress is GORGEOUS!!! Where is this at?? Is it your brother?

Autumn said...

No joke a few hours ago I thought-I bet Grant's been married by now, I should look for pictures. Congrats to them. Another Stephanie-has that gotten confusing yet? Does she go by "Stephanie M" (your last name) -kidding. Those temple doors are beautiful. I love Grant's tux, I don't think I've seen the vest/tie mix in those colors. That looks so sharp. OH MY-Tyler looks SO much like Brooke in that picture!

Natalie said...

As I looked at that picture of Tyler and your dad, I was thinking, That kid cannot be Tyler. He looks so old! Hope you are doing good. We really need to talk-it's been too long.